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       SuzhouPoly media training is a company set up 10 years of experience type training company,We focus for enterprises to expand training、Employee family day、Corporate games、Real peopleCS、Parent-child education、The summer camp、Winter camp large themes such as comprehensive training institutions。Poly media education by wei of China's early engaged in outdoor development training teachers,A batch of long engaged in enterprise management training and the study of people with lofty ideals of outdoor development training theory...

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       Suzhou taihu xishan development base is poly media development company is specialized in outdoor development training base in suzhou,With high altitude、Water sports、Accommodate5000The lawn、Real peopleCSBase is firm to expand its:Yu ying realityCSOne of the club standardized military field site。To better serve customers,Ensure the training quality,Poly media training center in base with office in suzhou,Responsible for reception to fieldwork base of customers and the team training activities。The taihu lake, white,Wide,Xishan island fairy in the water,Floating in waves。On the island of perennial water dense,Fresh moist climate,Appropriate home,More appropriate leisure and outdoor development training team。

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       New employee orientation,Mainly for each company entering the introduction of new employees company history、The basic working process、Code of conduct,The organizational structure、The floorboard of the personnel structure and deal with relationship between colleagues,The purpose is to make staff into the team。This training shall be conducted by personnel supervisor and department head,In addition to the introduction to the work environment and between colleagues is introduced,The most important thing is that with the introduction of the enterprise culture,Including the enterprise's management idea,The development of enterprise and the target,Informally,New staff told me that...

       Poly media education training in suzhou company is created jointly by a number of senior training experts,They are all early outdoor expand teacher,Is the domestic outdoor development training、Experiential training pioneers,Pay for the cause of China's expanding training hard sweat and wisdom。To bring customers better training experience,Poly farce outdoor development training companies and organizations trainer team went to Singapore to study,Strive to bring customers the original team outdoor development training。 Deeply understand together with right person,If you want to education will serve first,Get together...

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